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Otis Technology Cleaning Kit 5.56/.223, Black


  • 100% cotton 2″ patches and small slotted tip
  • Bronze bore brush
  • 8″ and 30″ aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning
  • Small obstruction remover knocks out mud, snow, stuck casings and doubles as a t-handle base for included t-handle
  • B.O.N.E. Tool quickly and effectively scrapes carbon from bolt carrier
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    The Otis Technology cleaning system (FG-556-MSR) holds an array of rifle cleaning tools in a compact, lightweight case for a quick clean in the field or at the range. This Otis Tech cleaning kit contains everything you need to keep your rifles in their best condition in a zippered case that easily fits in pouch or pocket. One small (8 inches) and one large (30 inches) memory-flex cleaning rod gives the cleaning tools access to every part of your rifle and specialized precision tools help you break down and re-assemble your firearm with ease. The Otis portable field cleaning kit includes a bronze bore brush to remove deposits, a B.O.N.E tool to clean the bolt, one bottle of Otis O85 ultra bore cleaner and much more.


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